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In Fun Fellowship and Service

Officially known as La Boutique Des Huit Chapeaux Et Quarante Femmes Departemental de Texas Salon #32.

Historically formed within the confines of the American Legion Auxiliary but now standing proudly independent but continuing to work towards our goals of Child Welfare and inviting members of the American Legion Auxiliary to join our important efforts and spirit of fun and fellowship. Partners are invited to join the 8 & 40.

The 8 & 40 has had a Texas Charter since 1928. Originally we were a group of dedicated American Legion Auxiliary members looking beyond the programs of the ALA to dedicate ourselves to children’s welfare, specifically children with Cystic Fibrosis, tuberculosis and the many other respiratory illnesses still plaguing children today. Among our many programs the two most well known and critical are nurses scholarship and the American Legion Child Welfare Fund.

Our colors are white with a splash of red.

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to work for a little child and to take up the task laid down by so many of our service men and women when they gave up their lives for our country. This is a sacred privilege to us and makes us interested in all little children who are needy in a material or moral way. While our organization has departed from the over-all child welfare program of its early days, we have now specifically turned our efforts to children with Tuberculosis, Cystic Fibrosis, lung and other respiratory diseases. So, let us be proud of our partnership in Eight and Forty and glad of the privilege of living up to its high ideals and carrying on its work.

The motto of the 8 & 40 is …

In Fun, Fellowship and Service

Current Stats

As of  3/25/2020
Dept de Texas 77.03%
Salon 108 106.38%
Salon 283 13.33%
Salon 364 89.47%
Salon 477 37.04%
Salon 705 100.00%
Salon 744 67.86%